Other Legal Services

Are you in any of these situations?

  • Are your rental properties owned in your personal name?
  • Does your rental contract name you individually instead of an LLC or corporation?
  • Is the interest rate on your mortgage higher than it should be?
  • Do you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?
  • Have you been meaning to create a will or other estate plan?


If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, Contact Us for a free consultation for landlords on how we can help.


Summary of Services...

Here is a summary of some of the legal services our attorneys provide our clients: 

  • Evictions
  • Business Entity Creation
    • Do you need to create an LLC, corporation?  We can help.  These services are essential for landlords in order to provide an extra layer of protection.  If your rental is owned in your personal name, you may be sued personally and found liable for any problems that arise.  Placing your property into a business entity provides protection and piece of mind.
    • From single-owner businesses to multi-partner operations.  It is important to do it right in order to benefit from the protections of a business entity.  If the corporate formalities are not followed, your corporate veil may be pierced and your personal liability may be exposed.
    • WARNING: It is essential that you have an attorney assist you.  Transferring title in or out of a business may cause a default in your mortgage and/or void your title insurance policy.
  • Estate Planning
    • Most people have intentions of creating or updating their will or estate plan but it simply slips through the cracks.  Having an updated estate plan ensures that your wishes are carried out and avoids many potential disputes among your heirs and loved ones.  


  • Mortgage Refinance
    • We have developed excellent relationships with local lenders who offer extremely competitive interest rates and fees.  We can assist you in re-financing your property to lower your monthly payments.  Click Here to request a good faith estimate.


 If you are a landlord, Contact Us to schedule a free consultation for any of the above services.

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