Utah Abandoned Personal Property

Notice of Abandoned Personal Property


Click Here - Utah Abandoned Personal Property Notice - Use this form if your tenant has abandoned your property but left personal effects behind.  Under Utah law (Click Here and read Subsection (6)), landlords are NOT required to store certain items and can immediately dispose of the following items: “(a) chemicals, pests, potentially dangerous or other hazardous materials; (b) animals, including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents, birds, or other pets; (c) gas, fireworks, combustibles, or any item considered to be hazardous or explosive; (d) garbage; (e) perishable items; or (f) items that when placed in storage might create a hazardous condition or a pest control issue.”

The other items may be removed and stored in order to conduct cleaning and repairs to get the property ready for a new tenant.  Post and mail this notice to begin the 15 day storage period.  Once the 15 days has expired, you may sell valuable items or donate the remaining items to charity if it is impractical to sell them.  If any sale takes place, make sure to give the tenant a written notice of sale at lease five calendar days prior to any sale date.  The 15 days of storage and the 5 day notice of sale can run concurrently.  This form should be BOTH: (1) mailed to their last known address, and (2) posted on the property.

If the tenant would like their property back within the 15 day storage period, they must pay for all removal and storage fees.

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