Tenant At Will

Eviction Notice - Tenant at Will

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Click Here - Utah Five Day Notice to a Tenant at Will - Landlords commonly mistake their tenants as a tenant at will and incorrectly use this eviction notice.  A "Tenant at Will" is someone that does not have legal permission to reside in your property.  For example, a Tenant At Will usually exists where the landlord does not have (and has not had) any lease agreement in place (whether written or oral).  Even if you have a Tenant At Will that has never had your permission to reside in your property, once they have established residency you should plan to serve an eviction notice.

Examples of a tenant at will:

  • Your tenants have allowed someone else to reside in the property without your permission.
  • You have a guest who is not on the lease and refuses to leave.
  • You have a tenant whose lease has expired and does NOT continue month to month (i.e. the lease itself states the lease terminates and the tenant needs to vacate the property).
  • The landlord purchased a home through foreclosure with the prior owner occupying the home.  The foreclosure terminates the prior owner's rights and permissions to occupy the property making the prior prior owner a tenant at will.

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