Eviction Notice - For Creating or Allowing a Nuisance

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Click Here - Utah Three Day Notice for Nuisance - Use this notice when your tenant is maintaining a nuisance. What is a nuisance? Any action which interferes with another's comfortable and quiet enjoyment of their life or property. A nuisance can also be anything which injures health, is indecent, or offensive to the senses, etc. A nuisance can also be criminal in nature. Here are some examples of different nuisances:

  • Criminal nuisance typically includes the following:
    • Committing a felony.
    • Committing a criminal act affecting the health or safety of another tenant, the landlord, the landlord's agent, or another person on the landlord's property.
    • Committing a criminal act causing damage or loss to any tenant's property or the landlord's property.
    • Committing a drug or gang related criminal act.
    • Threatening violence against any tenant or other person on the premises, or against the landlord or the landlord's agent.
    • Committing any other criminal act that directly impacts the peaceful enjoyment of the premises by any tenant or neighbor.
  • Non-Criminal nuisance typically includes the following:
    • Disturbing other tenants or neighbors.
    • Having parties or visitors so frequently as to interfere with any neighbor's quiet enjoyment.
    • Smoking and the tenant's smoke drifts into another rental unit, but only if the landlord prohibits smoking in all units.
    • Buying, selling, manufacturing, storing, or dispensing illegal drugs or ingredients for illegal drugs (this is typically a criminal nuisance).
    • Gambling, prostitution, weapons violations, etc.

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