David Gardner


David Gardner

     Growing up in Fort Collins, Colorado made me a massive fan of John Elway and the Denver Broncos. I loved watching Elway pick apart defenses and wanted so badly to be a professional athlete, just like him. If you have heart, determination, and skill, it usually means that you’re good at what you do. Movies like “Rudy” make you think that anything is possible with heart and determination. I quickly learned that is a lie because you still need skill. I wanted to be a professional athlete, but reality set in quickly – I needed to find another profession. I now try to live vicariously through watching and coaching my kids to see if any of them will become professional athletes.

     Even though being a professional athlete was my first career choice, being an attorney is what I’m good at. Many of our cases start with a in a tricky situation with a client that feels desperate because they do not know what to do. It is satisfying to give them hope and show them how we can help them. And since most of our eviction cases move quickly, it is even better when we show clients progress in a short period of time.

     I enjoy advocating for and helping landlords and property managers navigate the eviction process and the other legal issues they face. I have been an attorney since 2013 and was fortunate to join Utah Eviction Law in 2018 where we focus solely on evictions and landlord/tenant legal issues. That means we are good at what we do.

     My loving and patient wife and I have five fantastic kids (and hopefully five future hall of famers). I avoid snakes and rollercoasters, but I love to paint “happy little trees” with oil on canvas and I have never met a puzzle I did not like.


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