CARES Act - Utah Notice to Vacate

Eviction Notice - CARES Act (Non-Payment of Rents)

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Click Here - Utah Notice of Eviction - CARES Act - In March 2020, Congress passed the CARES Act that placed a moratorium on filing certain evictions (primarily for nonpayment and if your property participates in government housing programs or has a federally backed mortgage).  The CARES Act expired on July 25, 2020, but has language referencing a thirty (30) day "Notice to Vacate."  Use this notice if the CARES Act applies to your property and your tenant is delinquent on their rent.  Once served, you will need to decide whether to move forward with the eviction after (1) the three business days has expired under Utah law, or (2) after the 30 days has expired from the federal CARES Act.  Contact us with any questions (

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